The Ranelagh Harriers Richmond 10k began life in 1981 as the Dysart Dash. It was a one off event on a course around Ham Common and formed part of the club’s centenary celebrations.

The Dysart Dash name was retained for an annual 10k which began ten years later. The original course was half road and half on the Thames towpath, starting in Meadlands Drive and finishing in Riverside Drive. In 2010 came a new name and a new course. The Ranelagh Harriers Richmond 10k now begins and ends in Riverside Drive and although close to the river it offers a better running surface.

Previous winners

YearMen’s raceWomen’s race
1991Barny O’Connor (Massey Ferguson)30.15Kate Fitzgibbon (London Olympiades)38.05
1992Adrian Passey (Bromsgrove & Redditch)30.16Ann Ford (Hounslow)35.02
1993Dave Clarke (Hercules Wimbledon)29.50Lesley Leggett (Collingwood)37.52
1994Mark Goddard (Shaftesbury Barnet)29.49Sandra Edwards (Epsom & Ewell)37.45
1995Wayne Oxborough (Thames H&H)30.18Phyllis Flynn (Stragglers) 37.32
1996Hugh Jones (Ranelagh)31.26Clare Pauzers (Herne Hill)36.05
1997Hugh Jones (Ranelagh)31.34Anita Mellodew (Epsom & Ewell) 36.36
1998Stuart Major (South London)31.05Maria Bradley (Overton)34.58
1999JP Van Wyk (Hercules Wimbledon)30.58Kim Stephenson (West 4) 39.14
2000Tim Don (Elmbridge)
Una English (Ireland)34.14
2001 Craig Kirkwood (New Zealand) 31.28Elana Mayer (South Africa)34.08
2002Stuart Major (South London)31.53Berhane Dagne (Belgrave)35.13
2003Lyndon McKevitt (Herne Hill)32.23Lucy Hasell (Thames H&H)36.28
2004Hassan Raidi (Belgrave)32.19Charlotte Dale (Invicta)34.00
2005Paul Doyle (Ranelagh)31.53Naomi Warner (Thames H&H)35.23
2006Stuart Major (South London)32.04Naomi Warner (Thames H&H)34.52
2007Jason Simpson (South London)32.16Ceri Diss (Herne Hill)37.39
2008Stuart Major (South London) 32.42 Naomi Warner (Thames H&H) 35.54
2009Stuart Major (South London)32.36Jess Petersson (Stragglers)37.17
2010Paul Martelletti (Victoria Park)30.33Sam Amend (Belgrave)36.28
2011Nick Torry (Serpentine)31.02Lucy Macalister (Thames H&H)35.08
2012John Gilbert (Kent)31.03Sandra Wilson (Serpentine)35.54
2013Phil Wicks (Belgrave) 30.45Tish Jones (Belgrave)34.45
2014James Connor (Kent)31.14Tish Jones (Belgrave)34.30
2015Gus Upton (Belgrave)32.21Hayley Munn (Clapham)36.07
2016Phil Wicks (Belgrave) 30.30Georgie Bruinvels (Aldershot F&D)34.54
2017Phil Wicks (Belgrave)31.25Hannah Irwin (Guildford & Godalming)35.45
2018Ollie Garrrod (South London)31.55 Stephanie Davis (Clapham) 35.43
2019 Ollie Garrrod (South London) 32.24Liz Davies (Springfield Striders)35.03

Course records:

Old course (up to 2009)
Mark Goddard (Shaftesbury Barnet) 29.49
Charlotte Dale (Invicta) 34.00

New course (from 2010)
Phil Wicks (Belgrave) 30.30
Tish Jones (Belgrave) 34.30